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A Farewell to Suwannee River

Let's start this farewell tour with a visit from the adult camper's version of the Ice Cream truck. That's right we had one come to the campground and it was slick as hell. All you had to do was go to the truck and tell him you wanted a delivery and what site you were on, he would then make his way around and deliver the goods. What's really cool is that no calories were involved.

See what I did there? Yeah, I know that was corny. But seriously, having a propane truck come right to your campsite is really quite handy, especially since- with ALL gauges in the camping world- ours is broken and we were down further than we thought.

In other news, Mike started to take guitar lessons. He's learning on his father's 12 string, which some may think is a crazy place to start, but he's giving it a shot. It's been really great to see and hear his progress. He isn't up to playing songs, but his strumming is pleasant to the ear, and I look forward to watching him improve.

The last time we were anywhere for 3 months was back in Keene, and while there we stayed in 4 different locations. In Mayo, the only move we made was one site over, and a long weekend in Punta Gorda. I'm telling you this for a reason. At Suwannee, we watched little communities develop. It really was interesting to watch.

On our last night while walking around saying our goodbyes, we ran into another group led by a man named Roger. He hails from Britian, but lives with his wife here in the states. We compared traveling notes and he said to us "It's so nice to talk with someone who's acutally been somewhere". I found this statement amusing considering the fact that the first time I was on a plane was at the ripe old age of 37. Anyway, I'm getting off track. Our community consisted of a group of very special people, that would gather every Wednesday at a different site each week. On our last Wednesday gathering we brought Freda along for a photo shoot.

Each picture reminds me of a different story. In Suwannee, we met people that I truly hope to stay in touch with. People that would give you the shirt off their backs, and God willing, people that we will see again next season.

Until then, my friends-

Be Well, Be Happy and Safe Travels!

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