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Our Week in the Whites

For those of you not 'in the know', when someone from NH says they are going to the whites, they mean that they are going to the White Mountains. My first time in the whites was during my honeymoon with Mike. It was one of the best weeks of my life. With all that has been going on, I decided that we needed some time in the whites, especially since we've been hiking so much. There's no better place to hike in NH than the whites.

On our way to the whites I reached out to Mike's son, Derek, to ask him what was a good hike that we could do that wouldn't kill us. He recommended Artists Bluff. And so that was our first hike. In the interest of full disclosure, this trail freaked me out. It's not long, but it's steep and rocky. At some points it's fairly narrow as well. Considering that I'm afraid of heights, the climb up scared the crap out of me. The climb down was much better. I don't know why, it just was. There were moments when I was silently swearing at Derek, but once we reached the top, I was grateful that he had that much faith in us. Why, you ask? Because the view at the top is stunning!


Next up came Lonesome Lake. Our longest hike so far at 4.17 miles round trip. This trail starts out really smooth and gentle, but quickly goes into the next level. For me it was alot like Artists Bluff, but not nearly as steep or scary. Anyone who hikes NH will quickly understand why it's called The Granite State. Seriously, it's no joke. Anyway, this hike really kicked our asses - in the best way. We came across a few hikers that passed us....twice. Going up and coming down. Another lesson about hiking, it will humble you and test your limits. The most important thing I took from this particular hike was that, even though we were passed twice by a few others, we were at least out there; Putting one foot in front of the other, giving it our all, and in the end we hiked our hike and made it from the bottom to the top and back again. All that makes me proud, and want to do more.


There was also a bit of merriment in the whites. After a hike we would celebrate at one of the many local hangouts in Lincoln. Beer at One Love, Duck Wings at The Woodstock Inn and Brewery, Wine Tasting at Seven Birches Winery just to name a few. There was also mini-golfing at Hobo Hills Adventure Golf. Lincoln has it all, and we are looking forward to our next visit...after all my birthday is next month, just sayin'.

We arrived at the whites on Tuesday and the following Sunday was Father's day. Mike's son, Alex- also an avid hiker came to spend the weekend nearby with his wife, Loretta and their son, Tanner. Making it a really special weekend. Saturday began with a hike around Flume Gorge. What made this really great was the fact that they had never done it. Mike and I have walked this one multiple times, so it was really special to show them something they haven't seen. The weather was perfect, and considering that we had done Lonesome Lake the day before, and we were still feeling the effects of it, walking the Flume was just what we needed to keep moving while not killing ourselves.


Once we finished the Flume we were hungry. I suggested that we take the gondola up Loon Mountain to eat at the restaurant that sits on the top. Yeah, you read that right; I'm afraid of heights and suggested a gondola ride. In my defense, Mike and I rode it on our honeymoon, and considering it was another thing that Alex and his family hadn't done yet, I just couldn't resist. So, off we went. I have to admit, I didn't remember the trip to the top being so long, and the trip down was worse since for some God-awful reason they had to stop it when we were halfway down and the wind was whipping. I was less than happy. But our visit on the top was great. We had lunch overlooking the lake, walked around the water tower and then Alex, Loretta and Tanner hiked through the caves at the top. Mike and I decided that in was in our best interest to forgo that bit and just act as a Sherpa and photographer. It was still a little difficult for me since the stairs are see-through and somewhat steep for this short-legged grandmother, and that makes me nauseous. In truth, I just didn't want to give in, or give up. Another adventure in the books!


We spent Sunday playing miniature golf with Alex, Loretta and Tanner. Unfortunately we didn't get any pictures of that. We were all too focused on our game. Mike continued his seasonal reign, but the season has just begun.... Seeing 3 generations spend Father's day weekend together was truly heartwarming.

Not everyone we know can spend time in the whites for various reasons, be it time, distance or finance and for that I'm sorry. But what everyone can do, and should do, especially when their spirit needs lifting is, find the nearest trail and hike your hike. It doesn't have to be long or steep. I have discovered since we've been back that the act of being in nature is good for the soul. We have Alex and Derek to thank for that lesson and I look forward to learning what else hiking has to teach us......

Until then.....Be Well, Be Happy, and Safe Travels

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Stewart McGuire
Stewart McGuire
3 days ago

Whenever you are out hiking don’t cave to peer pressure. Always HYOH (hike your own hike)! We hope to get some hiking done in Glacier National Park in the coming weeks!

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