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Before the excrement hit the fan...

DAY 1:

For those of you following along, you know where we are at this moment. Now I'd like to share some highlights of the adventures before shit went sideways, and also share when and where said shit started to go sideways. So here we go...

We left Keene on Sunday (8/15), ready to begin the next chapter in our book of life, love and mis-adventure. First stop; Fulkerson Winery on Seneca Lake, NY. We made a pit stop along the way, where we were able to stroll around and check out the history of the Erie Canal and watch a boat come through one of many locks. It was really quite beautiful.

Because of the extended stop, we arrived at our destination later than planned, but did arrive in time to enjoy a tasting, get some wine and snacks for later in the evening. We parked literally in the vineyard. It was absolutely wonderful. See photos...

Everything thus far is running well. Stella doesn't like the moving around, but is, at the very least, comfortable in our bed throughout the entire 8 hour day. We indulge in our wine, take a walk through the vineyard and consider ourselves very fortunate for our circumstances. The morning brings a beautiful sunrise, and we are all very content, and well rested and ready for our next stop.

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