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Expect the unexpected...

Our friend and RV mentor Alan said "Expect the unexpected". When he said that, we were thinking about the good and the bad of permanent RV living, not about having to delay our departure because of circumstances beyond our control. But that is exactly what has happened. Let me explain.

As you all know we were supposed to close on the house on June 30th, but the bank wanted the buyer to jump through a few more hoops, so it was paused until, at the latest July 9th. Mind you, we were supposed to be starting our adventure on July 10th, but as I'm sure you have figured out, the unexpected has indeed happened. The sale of the house fell through at the 11th hour.

Along with that, Mike had one of his bouts of diverticulitis and was down for 2 days. We were still hoping to leave this weekend and just have the realtor take care of everything, but after thinking about it for a few days, we decided to stick around for a couple more weeks. We are hoping that the open house next Saturday will bring in the perfect buyer and with any luck even more cash.

I know, usually there is some semblance of humor in my postings and I'm super sorry that there isn't any with this one. But, what I will leave you with is what I have always leaned on, and that is my eternal sense of optimism.

I believe that people are WHERE they are supposed to be, WHEN they are supposed to be there. For whatever reason, fate has us here for now, and as long as Michael and I are together, we will be okay. I truly believe that. So, keep the faith my friends. I promise, at some point this blog WILL be as advertised; Life in our Escape Pod. Not, "Getting ready for life in our Escape Pod".

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