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Hey Y'all...we appreciate you!

Those are the most used phrases that we've come across since getting to the south. It's part of the southern hospitality, and they make me smile everytime I hear them.

It's not just our RV community, but every where. If someone tries to explain "Southern Hospitality", they are never going to be able to give it justice. Nor will I. Instead I will do my best to share with you some of the best moments of our visit to Doc's RV Park in Gulf Shores, Alabama. It was our first trip to Alabama, and it was great. It included 2 stops between Harold and Judy's in Tennessee and the Gulf Shores. One in Hope Hull and the other in Cullman. Both campgrounds were nice, but since we were only at each of them for one night, there's nothing really news worthy to report.

On our way to Alabama, we stopped and bought a couple of bikes. Mind you, we haven't ridden bikes in many, many moons. We spent a month in at Doc's RV Park and biked roughly 3 times a week, 7 miles each day. I'm happy to report that the only damage done was on our first outing when my shoelace got caught in the chain. I know, you're stunned that it was me that fell, considering how graceful I am. - She said with much sarcasm!

It was that incident that we came across our first example of southern hospitality/kindness. My shoelace got caught in the chain, and so I slowed down, knowing that an up close and personal meeting between me and the sidewalk was inevitable and braced for impact. So I channeled my inner Buzz Lightyear and 'fell with style'. Then, as my Michael was freeing me from the chain, a car pulled over and the sweetest lady asked if I was okay.

Now I realize in North we are more than willing to help people, but this was different. I had barely hit the turf and help (if needed) was there instantly. She didn't even laugh at me. Although, I'm sure she was chuckling when she saw me going down - I mean, who wouldn't? Once she realized that I hadn't broken any bones and wasn't bleeding profusely, she wished us a good night and went on her way. We continued on to The Original Oyster House Boardwalk.

We enjoyed a delicious meal, and a couple of adult beverages, and let the time pass. It's not until we were leaving after sunset that we remembered, we didn't have lights on our bikes. Since Mike is way more athletic and coordinated than I am, (to be clear, I'm neither athletic or coordinated-I'm a Seymour, most of us aren't) he used the flashlight on his phone as a headlight, and got us home safe and sound. But yeah, it was an anxiety riddled ride home.

This campground was(is) perfect. There are many full timers here or people that come back every year for an extended period of time. Not unlike the Valley Street Gang, there is the Doc's RV Gang, and the leaders were Bob and Joan. He's 85, she's 82, and they are awesome. They just celebrated their 58th wedding anniversary. They are quick witted, and exude a similar level of sarcasm that we do.

The "gang" meets everyday for drinks around 3:30, usually at Bob and Joan's site, but sometimes they have a fire in the middle of the campground. It was one night while walking Stella that we joined them and met many great people. They all thought that Stella on a leash was hysterical - she gathers a fan base everywhere we go. At one point Joan asked how old we were, when we told her, she said the best thing ever! "You're just kids". It was great! We haven't been "the kids" in a very long time.

Doc's is located right across from the lagoon (see photos above), and around 20 miles from Fort Morgan. Now if you haven't heard of Fort Morgan, not to worry; Mike took a bunch of pictures, not only that but Expedition X filmed an episode there that is really worth the watch and explains alot about the significance of the Fort.

We had to change sites in the middle of our visit here and took the opportunity to visit the Fort, go to out to eat and get supplies. While parked tho we discovered the beauty of grocery shopping online and getting it delivered directly to our site. Since we only have our feet and our bikes, grocery delivery is a much needed service. But in the interest of full disclosure the best delivery we got while at Doc's was a package from home. Big shout out to Stephanie and Mike from Frogg Brewery. For those of you sleeping under a rock, that's where Fredd lives when he's not with us.

There were bike rides to various restaurants like The Oyster House and The Penninsula at the golf course, but Fish River Grill is where they have a collard green and white bean soup called Swamp Soup and Mike's favorite; Fried Oyster Po Boy.

On one of our rides to The Oyster House, Mike and I spent some time on the dock feeding the fish. It's way more fun than one would

I think we've finally got things organized in the camper. Finger's crossed, but I'm also not going to hold my breath on that one, right Cindy? When we weren't out on our bikes we spent our time walking with or without Stella. We also had a neighbor that had a cat named Goofy. He always looks grouchy, but loves people, and soon discovered that Stella was not a fan. He is able to wander without a leash...Stella is NOT.

So Y'All, this ends the latest chapter in our RV adventure. And while we are enjoying our time with new people and new places, please know this; We appreciate you....

Until next time....Be well, Be Happy and Safe Travels.

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Glad to hear everything is going good, love all the pictures, hope you all have a good holiday, weather is crazy up here, no snow , but maybe next year. Take care love to all three of you, Ma M.

Replying to

Thanks Ma! Currently in Biloxi and genuinely enjoying our life on the road. Extremely happy to not be dealing with snow. Love you bunches!

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