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Hooray for Luray!

It's time to settle in with your beverage of choice and perhaps a snack- this is going to be a long one.... In a good way.

Let's start with a bit of back story- because it's never "A-B" with us. It's "K-M" via Z- see what I did there? K & M? Yeah, it's cheezy, but you have a smile on your face, so mission accomplished!

Okay backstory...As you have read in the previous post, we have visited this area of Virginia for the past 3 years- thank you, Mullet Family! On our way to and from Staunton we have seen the signs for Luray Caverns and have always wanted to stop and explore, but circumstances beyond our control did not allow us the time. Now, we can make we did!

I'm not entirely sure where I should begin, we have had so much fun since arriving here, but I'm thinking we should start with what brought us here to begin with...Luray Caverns. We have over 200 pictures of the caverns, but I'm pretty sure of 2 things - 1) Uploading all of them would be akin to an "over-share" and 2) The pictures don't do it justice. In any we go!

The story behind the discovery of this extremely huge cavern is well worth your time. One could be exploring here for hours on end. It's just so freekin' cool. And for anyone (besides Larissa- inside joke inserted here) it's truly something to behold. Seriously, most of "our people" are from NE, get your asses down here! Along with the caverns, we took a tour of the Automobile/Carriage museum, and had a go at the Maze, and after that we took a walk through the Shenandoah Heritage Village/Luray Valley Museum.

Please note the signage by the buildings, as they will give you a description of their original purpose, as well as the fact that they are the original buildings, that were moved to this location. History matters, we should all be remembering it, and learning from it, instead of trying to erase it- just sayin'.



In the interest of full disclosure, I'm not entirely sure if the placards match the corresponding vehicles, but in any case it's still really cool.

Now just for fun we did this: THE GARDEN MAZE AT LURAY CAVERN

It was such fun cheating our way through this and of course we adopted a couple of groups of kids along the way, because we are grandparents and to any child below the height of 4 feet and/or the age of 3, we are like a magnet. They find us, we entertain them, and we are better for having had the experience-hopefully they are too! (For their privacy in this crazy world we opted to not take a victory photo with them).

So in case you haven't guessed by now, we decided to rent a car for a period of time while here. It's the first rental we have gotten since Sioux Falls. We couldn't resist since Tony from the local used car dealership gave us such a great deal, and also delivered and picked up and also gave us a day for free. I wanted to be offended when he kept calling me Ma'am, but I just couldn't object...they do things different in the "south" so I've discovered. What they do that is the same, is they too appreciate all things "local". Since we had a car, we took the opportunity to explore not only Luray, but a few of the surrounding towns and immerse ourselves in some of the high points

One of the high points of this visit is that it brought us back to a time in our lives when things were a bit less complicated. We drove by this place on the way to our campsite and didn't realize how special it really was. So for any of you born on or before 1970, I am quite certain that after checking out this stop, you will have had nothing but a delightful trip down memory're welcome... ;)