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Packing, Purging and Pausing...

Hey! I bet you thought I forgot all about you! Nope! Just been busy with packing, purging and now pausing. Let me dig in!

PACKING... The definition of packing has a wildly different meaning from all of my previous moves. This doesn't require stuffing things into cardboard boxes and fighting with moving tape. Instead, we take my reusable grocery bags and fill them, then schlep them out to the RV. I think we have figured out where things are going to live, but keep in mind I've changed things around at least 4 times now, so who the hell

PURGING... Wow, just wow! You don't realize the amount of crap you collect while living in a 4 bedroom home, until you go to empty it! We have sold, given away and thrown away so much shit, (yeah, I said it, SHIT) I am stunned that there is anything left, but alas, there is. Granted not so much that it's overwhelming, but enough so that when we look around we just shake our heads and say "Really"?.

Special note: If you think you are going to downsize in the future, I have 2 words for you; PURGE NOW!!!!

PAUSING... yup! We all knew this was coming. I mean seriously, who closes on the original closing date? I'm pretty sure it's as often as one sees a unicorn. In the grand scheme of things it's really not a big deal, it's just unsettling. Yeah, "unsettling", no pun The realtor is doing his level best to make sure it's only a one week extension. So, fingers crossed.

When the packing, purging and pausing is complete, I can't wait to share with you the adventures of what has become our "farewell tour", including, but not limited to the great family gathering we had this past weekend. Much laughter, love and hugs! Stay tuned...

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