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Saved the best for last...

We have been in Sioux Falls since August 20th, and we've had many adventures not only here, but all over South Dakota. But this next adventure has a bit more sentiment behind it.

Before we get to the good part, I've got to tell you something... I love all things cheesy, off the beaten path, and otherwise odd. I know you're shocked, right? (Said no one who knows me...EVER)! So with that in mind, on our way to our destination, this HAD to happen:

Yeah, sure you betcha....we did that! And of course we couldn't leave Fred from Frogg out! I'd like to think that anyone reading this knows the joke behind this stop. If not, well then it sucks to be you! LOL! Lighten up, it's a movie, and a damn good one too! Once you watch you automatically think " hey wouldn't it be cool to go there"!? Spoiler Alert: None of the movie was filmed there! But still, it had to be done. To be clear, this was not a bucket list item, this is what I fondly refer to as a Lark.

With the photo op done and lunch at a DDD joint (I'll not bore you with the details of that, it was not one of his best stops), we got in the car and took a left and headed for Bismarck, ND. I know what you're thinking; What in the hell is in Bismarck? Well to be honest on Friday the only thing that interested us after our 6 hour journey was our hotel and restaurant. We got there, and Mike took a much deserved rest and I took a long hot shower and did our laundry. After that we headed down for dinner and cocktails. I'm guessing you are thinking; seriously, get to the freekin point already! And I say, it's called build up people, just like in any good movie....dunt dunt daaa!

After a good nights sleep and a little breakfast the purpose of our trip arrived and once again we hit the road with this guy!

Here's a little back story how this adventure began. The following is a transcript of our text conversation that got this ball rolling, in order to really appreciate the humor in this there are a couple things you need to know. 1- We are in Sioux Falls, SD

2- He is stationed in Minot, ND

(I encourage you to look up a map, it will make the story more humorous).

Text exchange as follows:

Kris: Are you working this weekend?

Jason: Don't believe so.

Kris: Want to meet halfway somewhere?

Jason: Bismarck?

(Look at your map, and see where "halfway" is. Another Spoiler Alert: It's NOT

A chuckle or three later and what follows is the best comeback any nephew, (who's a mechanic on a B-52) could come up with:

Jason: What we could do is I could meet you in Bismarck Saturday morning. Drive you to base and show you my apartment then head back for dinner in Bismarck. I am dog sitting this week so I just have to make arrangements before I set anything in stone.

(At this point I'm thinking, awesome! 1- go see his base, 2- check out his first apartment, 3- of course he was dog and 4- Hey Pete and Dan.... we got here first...neener neener)

Kris: Sounds perfect. We are going up Friday because it's over 6 hours drive and we are

Jason: Copy that. I'll let you know.

He let us know and when he did, we got really excited. It was one of the things we had planned on doing back in August, but you know how all that worked out. So here are the the highlights of our visit:

1- On Base - Proud Aunt & Uncle moment

2- Breaking in some new shot glasses at his new apartment

3- Fred from Frogg posing with the best bomber ever!

4- Lunch at Ebeneezer's Irish Pub in Minot

5- This sign at Bismarck Brewing was right up my alley.

6- Can't let Fred near a brewery without a photo op! ;)

When we set out on this journey we had a plan, along the way we have learned that plans need to be flexible. We also learned that even though we have been given the opportunity to see some amazing things, we also have realized that the best stops that we can make are stops that involve family.

Seeing Jason and spending time with him was truly the highlight of our visit. We all have a bucket list, I have discovered, for myself at least, that I have 2 bucket lists. 1- things and places I want to see. 2- visit family and friends that I don't get to see very often. And with that in mind, our trip to Barb and Rick's (Mike's sister's) will be even more special. This visit has no time

And so ends the latest installment of the adventures of Kris and Mike. We are leaving Sioux Falls this week at which time I will be able to sit and write and tell you all the wonderful things about this little big city that we have come to love.

In the well, be happy and safe travels.

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Heidi Gouger
Heidi Gouger
Oct 02, 2021

So glad you got to see him!!


Sep 29, 2021

So happy you got to spend quality time with Jason!! 🥰

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