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Short Stories - Episode: 1 - Summer Solstice 2022

Hello friends and family. Throughout our adventures there have been some 'behind the scenes' moments that I haven't shared, because let's face it- most people these days have the attention span of a gnat. So to keep you up to date and interested, I have abbreviated some of our stories. Well this is the start of something new.

I have, from time to time, said "that's for another day", and today we shared such a special day that I decided it was time to start a new series called: 'Short Stories'. So from here on out, I will be sharing some of the moments that deserved special notice, and tonight was one of them.

This moment is brought to you "Because two people fell in love". That quote is on the door of Darren and Judy's home. Yes, the same people that we stayed with and the same people that make the world a better place. The event is all about sharing the Summer Solstice.

Because of an idea inspired by the cruise that Darren, Judy and Summit Winery followers took- Judy said to Darren "We should put on a Summer Solstice Dinner"; to which he replied "We should"? And since Judy said it, who is going to say 'no'?- No one that's who!

I feel the need to bring in a bit of verbal finesse, but I really want to keep it simple. There are reasons that one gets invited to this event; loyal customers, friends that help during picking season, friends from years past, kids, grandkids, and so on. To be sure, we are humbled and happy to have made the list.

It's been 8 years since we've been to Europe, but the Summer Solstice dinner tonight made me feel like we were right back there. People that had one thing in common, Judy and Darren, coming together with their own dishes and sitting down sharing time, food, adventures, laughter and of It's a night I won't soon forget, and to also be sharing it with our dear friends, Allen and Ida, made it even more special.

I give you: Summer Solstice 2022-

I found this group to be wildly eclectic. There were academics, white collar, blue collar, left and right, and there was even a couple not only from France but were from a place where Mike and I have been to - a small world moment!

I can't think of a better story to start this series. I hope that someday, you all find yourself in a group of complete strangers, sharing dinner, stories and simple respect for not only each other, but the very kind and genuine hosts that you have had the pleasure of knowing.

Thank you both for a most special evening and an even more special friendship!

Until our next story... Be Well, Be Happy, and Safe Travels!

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Beautiful. Thank you for this recounting, Sister. Those moments of shared experience, be they with family, friends, or strangers, can make for the most precious of memories.

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Contestando a

Thanks so much for the kind words and following along. It really was a special evening.

Me gusta
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