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Short Stories - Episode 2: Moms and Baseball

We accomplished much today. All kinds of water chores, laundry, wardrobe organizing - again, zoom visit with the doctor's office, and the balancing the checkbook. It was then time to hit the "shoe leather express" - for those playing along that's code for - get your shoes on and go walking.

Before setting off on the express I reached out to my "other" mother, Marlene. Who was also one of my mom's closest friends. She's a big Swamp Bats fan, and they were playing a double header today. - Inserting side note here: For those of you not familiar with this area, The Keene Swamp Bats are the local New England Collegiate Baseball team. And apparently this has been the worst team since it's inception - at least that's the scuttle-butt around the campfire. It really matters not to me, I just wanted to see Ma, and enjoy some more local experiences.

The games take place at Alumni Field, a field that once upon a time, my Michael played on- you know, back in his glory days. In my humble opinion, his time 'Driving Miss Daisy' - that would be me- are in fact, his glory days...but that's just me.

With us being located so close to the field, we walked, we found Ma, and caught up on all things "family". It was good to hear that her grandkids are doing well. I wish we could have spent some more time together, and hopefully we will before we hit the road again.

After our chat we headed up to the bleachers and enjoyed the second game of said double header and by the looks of things they are beginning to turn their season around because they proceeded to win both games tonight. And it was indeed a beautiful night.

Periodically throughout the game they played portions of the teams favorite songs as they came to bat. Some were good, some -not so much. It was when we were leaving that Norma Jean (Mom) decided that she wanted to let us know that - like always... she was there too. It made perfect sense too, because...well Baseball! Mom was a Yankees fan, and Ma is a Swamp Bats fan, and it was a beautiful summer's day. We leaned on the fence and watched the last 2 outs and began our walk home, when over the loud speakers came one of my mom's favorite songs: Poncho and Lefty sung by Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard. There were more than a few nights where she and I (and Stacey, Mary and any one of the other friends of mine that she adopted along the way) stayed up past our bedtimes singing this song together. Wonderful memories that I won't soon forget.

I heard it and stopped. When Mike wondered why I said; "mom loved this song, this is her saying hi". For those who haven't read every post, you should know that from time to time Mom sends us a message just to remind us she is watching. So after a few bars, I looked toward the stars and said 'Hi'- this is where Mike grabbed by hand and said "let's go before I start to cry"- but for me it was too late. My tears were both sadness and relief. Sad, because well....I miss my mom- duh! But also great relief because we hadn't heard from her in awhile. When she does that it always makes my heart sad, but my soul happy.

On yet another side note, I see my mother every time I look in the mirror, but it's clearly not the same. Kind of like a delicious meal- sure you could cook it, but it's always better when someone else does and it gets delivered to your table. Okay, maybe not the best of analogies, but what do you want? I can't be eloquent all the

I'll end this episode of short stories with this thought; When a random song plays, or you can smell breakfast cooking, or like my cousin Bobby- you find a dime, or perhaps a seashell and it reminds you of someone that's gone on to adventures you can't go on yet, take a moment, look up and say hi. You'll be glad you did, and then you'll be looking for the next moment...I promise!

Until we can all be on that adventure with them....

Be Well, Be Happy and Safe Travels!

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Thanks Kris & Mike, glad we got together this summer, miss you already. Love U


Bruce Davis
Bruce Davis
Jul 16, 2022

This one made me cry 😢

Replying to

In a good way, I hope....😘

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