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Thanksgiving came early this year, and without serious bodily harm to anyone, except for the fact that there was the obvious food coma. But there was so much more.

In this episode of "What are they up to now" - It's eating, that's what we were up to, eating like the Gods! I hope you aren't hungry, if you are, you just may want to empty the fridge by the time this post is over. Don't say I didn't warn you!

It was time to see family again. After many adventures in and around both South and North Dakota, it was time for another visit to Piedmont, MO. Home to Mike's sister Barb and her husband Rick.

It's an off-the-grid lifestyle where Grace is said at every meal, books are read with a vengeance, the hospitality is warm and welcoming, and the food is to die for! So with the latter in mind, let us begin.

The following is a list of all the yummy things we had to eat, sadly we didn't get photos of everything, but perhaps on our next visit.... ;)

Eggs Benedict

Frittata (mushroom and asparagus)

Shrimp and Grits

Duck Rumaki- Duck rolled in bacon with a soy glaze

Rabbit and Wild Turkey Pate

Bear Bourguignon

Chicken Sour Cream Bake with roasted Brussel Sprouts and Butternut Squash

Coconut Curry

Casarecce with Lane Snapper and Cherry Tomato Sauce

Pork Tinga

Venison Medallions with Whiskey, Mushroom and Horseradish Cream Sauce

Venison Moussaka

Swiss Chard with Soy, Lemongrass and Ginger

Mushroom Soup

Onion Soup


Buttermilk Biscuits

Bacon Apple Pie

So yeah, like I said, we ate like the Gods! Watching Rick do his thing in the kitchen, while Barb keeps everything in order is like watching a ballet. I watched in utter appreciation for all they did, and the way in which they did them. Of course, watching my Michael grilling his Thanksgiving bird on the charcoal grill is a sight that always warms my heart. My only contribution to this effort was my Bacon apple pie. It was a hit, so I'll take it as a win.

Our visit wasn't only about food, it was about some quiet time. While we were there for 11 days, I read 4 books. One of those books was this;

It's not an easy read, but once you've read it, you won't be the same. It humbles you and shocks you and makes you appreciate the life you have.

This is history through the eyes of a man who survived some of the worst that evil men could have inflicted on another human.

I hope you read it, I hope everyone reads it....if for no other reason than this:

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”–George Santayana

Like I've said before, this is my blog and I'll say what I want. With that said, let's get back to the fun. While being off the grid we got Stella out a lot and she literally jumped in the creek, and then IMMEDIATELY jumped out. I only wish I got that on film. It was hysterical. She did also try another escape attempt, but she was caught right away and this time instead of being scarred up by the RV, the little bitch bit me and I got an infection in my hand by days end. I swear she does love

We visited the library, the pawn shop, a thrift store, the grocery store and they have the best liquor store ever. All this in their really quaint and lovely one light town. We also ventured out with them on their once every 6 week trip to Poplar Bluff where we picked the necessities for Thanksgiving and beyond. Also where we had some of the best sushi we have EVER had. Considering we have had sushi from one coast to the other, that's saying something. I mean c'mon, great sushi in Missouri? Didn't see that coming!

And so after a very blessed visit, with much love, great books, delicious wine, and food to die for, we headed for Tennessee and a long over-due visit with friends Judy and Harold, and that's our next story.

Until next well, be happy and safe travels!

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The food looks great, wish i was there , Stella up to her tricks again, you guys are looking good, starting to get cold weather up here, but it is new england. Have a good holiday. Love to you both Ma M.


Stewart McGuire
Stewart McGuire
Nov 05, 2021


Replying to

It really was!👍

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