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The 3rd Musketeer....

Yes, eventually we will be on the road. I dare not go into detail about the latest with the sale of the house, for fear of jinxing it! Suffice it to say, we are very hopeful. So with that in mind, I wanted to introduce you to the 3rd musketeer in this wild adventure. Mind you, this one does not have opposable thumbs, but nonetheless, she is entertaining and it wouldn't be the same without her.

For those that have not met her yet, I give you.... STELLA!

I dub thee, my hoomans!
I must rest...I've only had 17 hours of sleep!

Stella has what some would say "Tortitude". I am of the opinion that just like any other feline, she has "Catitude". Her favorites are as follows:

Toys: Catnip stuffed mice and wine bottles.

Food: Anything in her dish, cheese and chicken.

Activities (when not sleeping): Playing "Red Dot" with dad, getting brushed by any person available, and when night time rolls around, doing laps around and on us, including, but not limited to stepping on our faces while meowing with a tone of derision.

Dislikes: Any closed door, being denied any lap available (she's an attention whore), having her nails clipped, but the most recent dislike is her harness!

She has been introduced to a harness and leash...just a reminder....she's a CAT! So, yeah she's not impressed. In the meantime, Mike and I find it wildly entertaining. We are hoping to train her to walk on the leash, so she can enjoy all the great new places we are going to see. You will definitely want to stay tuned for that. With any luck there will be no bloodshed, but I'm not going to rule that out, she can be hostile when she's cranky.

In closing, I'd like to thank all the new subscribers. Your moral support is appreciated more than you know. Feel free to share this page with anyone that you think may find us at the very least, entertaining. Here's hoping that the next post will be titled: "SOLD", or "FAREWELL", or "WE'LL BE BACK", or know where I'm going with this.

Until next travels, be well and be happy!

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Louisa Rurka
Louisa Rurka
Jul 24, 2021

She is adorable. I hope she loves the adventures. Hope to see you at the Summit one last time.


she is a cutie and deserves all the

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