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The Blue Roof Inn-Love, laughter and livestock...

There are a bunch of great stories behind this visit, but before we get into that, I need to share with you the overnight we had at Century Farm Winery on our way to this 2 week visit.

Almost exactly halfway between Poplar Bluff, Mo and Watertown, Tn is a town called Jackson, Tn. I found this really great winery through our Harvest Host membership - side note: Any full time RVer should be a member of this group!

We spent an hour or so talking with a Scottish man named Tom and sampled some delightful wine. After that we took Stella for a walk and met another "fab 4" - those who know need not ask - and they absolutely loved the fact that we had our cat on a leash.

Throughout the next couple of hours we visited with these lovely women, who by the way, are all EMTs, and shared stories, took pictures, laughed and enjoyed the perfect Tennessee day. (Thanks, Jinni and Jennifer for joining my band of merry misfits... hope the wedding goes great and you all find what you are looking for).

I'm guessing you are wondering about Fredd (yeah, I changed the spelling, it looks better... Fredd from Frogg...get it?!) Well wonder no more, he is still with us and thankfully Stephanie sent him a new shirt as his is getting pretty full.

We were also invited to pick grapes the following day, but since we haven't done that at our favorite winery (Big shout out to Summit Winery right there!), we thought we'd take a pass here.

So with a good night's sleep we ventured off to our next "home base" in Watertown, TN. Let's begin with a little backstory. Harold has been a long time friend of Mike's. When I say long time I mean, like 25 years. As with any REAL friendship, life happens and people get separated. This particular friendship was kept up to date with yearly visits by Harold and his fantastic wife Judy. You see she's another girl from Vermont, just like me.

When our grand adventure began, a trip to their beloved home in Tennessee was on our list of places to go as soon as possible. I am so very glad we did. Check out the photos below and you will see why we enjoyed this visit so much.

As I said in the title this "INN" is full of love, laughter and livestock. Let me explain - the photos will make much more sense knowing these few facts:

1- Harold and Judy are nearing 25 years together. He is crass and she is kind. Together - especially with their kids (including the ones they "stole")- they are one of the funnest couples I've ever had the pleasure of spending time with.

2- There's a reason the house was named The Blue Roof Inn, there is a never ending supply of people visiting, be it for hours or days. For visitors like us, we were welcomed with open arms and given free reign of the kitchen, which meant I cooked scallops, pasta, soup and one of Mike's favorite's - stuffed pork chops - see photo below (super happy being in a kitchen again) and Mike made ribs on football Sunday! My favorite foodie event tho, was when Judy made fried dough! It reminded me of the times that my mom made them, and so once again, my mom was with us. Much love for that Judy- thanks!

3- I've explained the love these 2 have for each other and everyone that comes to their home. The laughter is not only in the kitchen but everywhere. Now I give you 'Livestock'. They have; 4 horses, 4 mini horses, 9 peacocks, 22 chickens, 3 collies, 2 Weimaraners, 3 or 4 barn cats, 2 porch cats, and 1 indoor cat.

We didn't get stellar pictures of all of them, but I encourage you to check out what photos we did get

We spent almost 2 weeks in this beautiful part of Tennessee, at The Blue Roof Inn with some really great people. We were able to meet some of their kids and grandkids, watch a high school football game, ride on 4 wheelers, cook with and for friends, played Cornhole, had cocktails and in general had a really great visit. I look forward to the next time we get to hang out with this truly great family.

I'm sorry this post took so long, but there's a thing called writer's block and I unfortunately had an episode. So I couldn't post about this visit and give it the justice it deserves, until said episode passed.

We've had a few adventures since this one, and with any luck, I've found my groove again, but in the meantime.... Be well, Be happy and Safe Travels.

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Love all the pictures almost make me feel that i am on the journey with you. Looks like you are also haveing good weather. Enjoy, Love Ma M.


Heidi Gouger
Heidi Gouger

Fab 4!!!


Stewart McGuire
Stewart McGuire

Looks like you guys had lots of fun!

Stewart McGuire
Stewart McGuire

It will be starting soon! We take delivery on our trailer on Nov. 30th!

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