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The Frogg, the Farm, Stella and Mom....

Stop #2 brought us to Rainbow Farms in Madison, OH. But before I get into our visit there, let me tell you about our shout out from Norma Jean. For those of you that have listened to me and Mike talk about our travels, you no doubt know that during each and every road trip my mom has let her presence be known in some fashion or another. It never fails that there is a poster, a store, or like in Germany, her name was plastered on the side of trailer! She likes to pop up when we least expect it. This trip is no different. We got off the interstate to get gas and missed the closest gas station, so we had to go through a windy, curvy downtown to get to the next one (the RV doesn't exactly turn on a So, we pull into said gas station/convenience store and there she is!

It's little things like this that make us stop and say "Hi Mom". Especially considering we weren't even supposed to stop here. There is a certain amount of comfort that comes from these "appearances", like she is still keeping an eye on us, but even more than that she makes us laugh and we miss her a little less. (Until next time Mom.....)

Let me tell you about Rainbow Farms. It's a huge produce farm that also sells local products like soap, jam, jewelry and much more. The people that run it are kind, the prices are affordable which makes eating healthy around there an easy thing to accomplish. See photo below...

Fresh salad fixings, local dressing, and you'll see the local jam later... The wine however, is from our favorite local winery back in NH (Summit Winery, Westmoreland), couldn't leave home without it! We were parked in between 2 vegetable patches, and to top it off, in the distance you could hear the trains going past. Just loud enough to let your imagination run wild...It was perfect!

Now I give you Stella! Let's be clear, at this point in our journey, she had not gotten out of bed while driving down the road...(spoiler alert....she does eventually, and it's not pretty), and she had not been on the leash since we were in Keene. Well, that changed here! We decided that this was the perfect place for her to get out and stretch her legs, and I have to say, it was her best leash day yet! Don't believe me? Check this out!!! (Now if only the generator wasn't so touchy, this would have been a perfect day...turns out they are oil sensitive, CANNOT be low...lesson learned).

Left: Walking with Dad.

Below: Grass was damp, she didn't want a wet bum!

I know you must be wondering, 'The Frogg'. I can explain. We have a some very dear friends back in Marlborough NH that own Frogg Brewery. We have spent much time and many dimes with them and on their beer. We did that because you go there for the beer, but you stay for the people, (except Mike, because he's always on "the list" Alex, the brewer always has a stout on tap, for which I am eternally grateful.

Clearly the mascot is a Frog, because... duh! They have 3 stuffed frogs that are periodically on road trips with the owners (Stephanie and Mike), or anyone of a dozen or so 'regulars'. We were given temporary custody of one of them, with the promise of a return home sometime in 2022. So when we found Frog Jam at Rainbow Farms, well we couldn't resist. At some point during this adventure, the Frogg (who we call Fred), just may have his own page with highlights from different locations.....time will tell. With that in mind, below you will find a photo from our first stop at Fulkerson Winery and one from Rainbow Farms, just to get you all up to speed.

The Vinyard at Fulkerson Winery, Seneca Lake, NY

Fred and Frog Jam, politically correct? Not so sure....

Until next well, be happy and safe travels.

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