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Turning Lemons into Lemonade....

Let me begin this post by saying we are well, (as evidence in the above photo proves). I would love to tell you that we are right where we had planned on being on our epic quest, but alas I cannot.

What is that "they" say about the best laid plans. I have to tell you, I would like to find the infamous "they" and slap the shit out of them. Perhaps we should put that on our list of things to do while on the road. But right now we are NOT on the road, or in the parking lot of a brewery hoping we can make it to our next destination the following day, or in a truck stop dust bowl waiting for a part to be delivered the next day. Nope! Instead we dealt with the crisis in a much smarter fashion, we called in the big guns, and are comfortably parked in a Mercedes-Benz dealership/service shop in Sioux Falls, SD.

Yeah, you read that right. Our RV/home has a power problem. The problem, at any given moment for no particular reason "Someday" loses power, and we are left in "limp home mode". Thankfully, even with this happening, we have always managed to be close enough to our destination, or a service area. We have not, thus far been stranded on the side of the road, or had to be towed anywhere. We changed the fuel filter (part waiting day), but that is apparently not the problem.

So here we sit. They can't get our RV in to diagnose the problem until Tuesday, possibly Wednesday. What they did do for us tho is give us the perfect spot in the lot to park up, plug in, extend the slide, and even use their wifi to stream our tv, use our phones, and write our blog. These people are treating us like we are docking in their personal driveway, and I couldn't be more grateful for the hospitality.

When we went in to let them know that we will be renting a car tomorrow, but that we needed ice and wanted to know where the nearest package store was, and after giving us the lay of the land, they did us one better. They let us take this loaner.

Yup! They did that! It's a Cadillac CT4 all wheel drive! It's a beast, and it was great. When Mike went in to give him the keys back after returning from our run to Hy-vee ( A one stop shop if I've ever seen one... even better than Wegman's), they told him to hang on to the keys "just in case". Customer service here is over the top. And again, I am grateful.

I realize I haven't posted any highlights from the places we've over-nighted at, but as you can tell, we've been a bit I am looking forward to catching you up on all the scenic stops, the cool people, the local goodies, and wait until you hear about Stella and her wildly bad timing just outside of Chicago...OMG!! However, those posts will have to wait, because tomorrow we will be hanging out with some people that moved out here from the east coast just last month. We met them at the Summit Winery in Westmoreland back in May, and have kept in touch.

See? I told you....turning lemons into lemonade. Keep the faith my friends, everyone is where they are supposed to be, when they are supposed to be there. Clearly, there is something for us to do here, I'm looking forward to finding out what that is...stay tuned.

Until next well, be happy and safe travels.

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