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Wish you were here...Flowers and Fishing!

August, 2019 was the last time we were here. It was an end of an era, Mike's dad passed away and we emptied his house, and brought him home. He was tired, and it was his time. And we (as always) found serenity at the neighbors, Roger and Trudy Flowers. When we left way back then Trudy said "This can't be the last time we see you". And of course she was right. For me and Mike this has been a special place and these were even more special people. There was no way we weren't going to see them again, the question became; When?

Enter RV life. Mike being the driver, me being logistics; together we set forth a plan to make sure that before we got back to NH, we would surprise them with a visit. Conveniently, there is a campground right in the same neighborhood, Taw Caw Campground and Marina. All the times we came down here to see Ray (Mike's Dad, for those not in the loop), we would see this campground and not once did we ever think we would camp here, never mind come here after he was gone. Funny how life works out. Some good, some not. This falls most definitely, in the former and not the latter.

We ended up spending 3 different evenings with these lovely people who, by the way, have the perfect spot for sunset photos, as well as many cool spots for a photo shoot with Fredd.

There has been much time spent fishing at this lake when we came to visit Dad and there hasn't been a lot of luck, some...but not a lot. The quest: spend a week on the lake and catch as many fish as possible. As it turns out, many fish were caught, just not by my poor Micheal. Between Claudia (our camping neighbor) and the God forsaken turtles there wasn't much left for Mike (or anyone else for that matter). But you know what "they" say... "A bad day of fishing is better than a good day at work". If you have been following along you know how I feel about 'they' and what 'they' have to say. Well, I'm here to tell you that, this time 'they' are right. Mike only caught 2 fish, one we ate, and one got tangled around the pier and either died or got away. Even with all of this "bad" luck, I watched my Michael truly relax and enjoy himself. The weather was perfect, the location was spot on. As you can see, even Stella and Fredd tried to get in on the action! Check it out!

There are more stories behind this visit, but we'll keep that for a 'rainy day'. This stop has much sentimental value, the last time we were here we were sad, it was nice to come back and wipe the slate clean and come back excited and leave here content. There were many times when I looked toward Dad's house and said "wish you were here", and I'm pretty sure I heard an echo across the lake that said "I am"....

Should you ever get the chance to mend your heart and to a certain point your soul, may I recommend some time on a lake in South Carolina....In the meantime;

Be well, Be Happy and Travels

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