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Bruh! - Why Not Minot?

Bruh! Yeah, we've been spending time around Airmen, and we have a favorite, and his name is Jason. We were originally only going to be in Minot for a week, but the campground we are at - The Roughrider RV Resort, gave us our first opportunity to be work campers.

The last time we were here it was a hit-and run kind of day. This time was way different! For those not following along, Jason is our nephew and he's a crew chief on a B-52. I know, pretty freekin' cool, right?! Anyway, our trek from Mayo, Florida to our job in Montana, just happened to bring us this way- wink, wink, nudge, nudge.

The time we have spent here has been wildly memorable. Once again we've met some really great people, had some really tasty beer (London Fog is a new favorite) and food, and gone on some really special adventures. I hope you enjoy reading this latest chapter of our story.

Let's start with the adventure at Minot AFB. Jason managed to get us passes, and permission to go - get this- on the FLIGHT LINE! Yeah, you read that right - the freekin' flight line! What a truly amazing experience. We were literally in a pickup next to the runway, on the flight line watching B-52s take off and land. I truly don't have the proper words to describe both the physical and emotional feeling you get when you see this. We were able to walk around up close to one of the planes that was scheduled for repair. Mike still gets a big smile on his face when he tells the story of our day. For security reasons there are only a few pictures that we could take and share.

We will be forever grateful to Jason, for making this day happen. I can only hope that more members of our family make their way to Minot, to visit this base, and spend time with this fine young man, along with his friends; "Smalls"- the resident gunsmith, "DK" - the house fashion police, "Pepperjack" - the lego king, and many more.

Other adventures with Jason include, Range Day, Axe Throwing Day and multiple Smoker days at the campground. Yup, Jason bought himself a smoker and proceeded to break it in, first with Ribs then Pork Butt. And yeah, it was as good as it looks. We enjoyed a couple of meals at Jason's apartment. I made my spaghetti sauce and Jason made homemade pasta. On another visit, Jason made his first batch of homemade Mac and cheese- and he nailed it!

Now let me tell you about Rough Rider Campground. It's managed by our new and hopefully forever friend, Amanda. She is both kind and funny. Her daughter Lydia works there as well, and she is an absolute delight. This was the perfect campground to start our work camping "careers" at. Not too big, not to small and I was also able to learn about the program that most campgrounds are using these days.

And once again, we met some really great fellow campers, "Dozer"- our campground airman, Ms Yvonne and her son, Dave, Rich - the Jag officer, and family, and so many more. I know I've said this before, but it's worth saying again, all of the best adventures in life start with the people that you share them with, and we continue to meet the best.

There's one last thing I want to share with you, it's about the weather. You wouldn't believe how late it stays light out here. With that in mind we took the below picture with time stamp, just in case you thought we were kidding.

Crazy, right? It's one of the many things, we love about Minot in the spring. We are looking forward to our return stay next year. Until then....

Be Well, Be Happy and Safe Travels!

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