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Finding My Mojo In Mayo....

You'll never guess where this picture was taken and why we were there. Stay tuned and I'll tell you the story. First, I have to explain my lack of posts for the last few months; actually I don't have to, but I'm going to.

You see, every time I sat down to write the latest 'episode', I found myself tongue-tied. I know...weird right? Since when am I speechless? I find that while writing, I want to make sure I'm informative, heartfelt and witty. And the last few months, I haven't been able to embrace all 3 of those at the same time. I can't tell you why. I can only say that there were people in my life that passed away; those people, at one point or another made a significant impression on me. The fact that they are gone now, apparently messed up my mojo. That's just a guess, and since they aren't here to defend themselves, I'm going to throw them under the bus. (This is my twisted humor coming back-don't get offended-just go with it.)

Now, you must be wondering; where did I find my mojo? Well, as it turns out it's been in Mayo, Florida. We arrived here on Dec 1st, after having to change our plans from Punta Gorda to Marianna, due to Hurricane Ian. More about that in another post. Anyway, like I said, we arrived here at Suwanee River Rendezvous Resort and Campground on Dec 1st, and we spent the first couple of days getting organized and such. Once we were all set it was time for some cornhole. It was during our first game, our neighbors (Joe and Lori) said hi. Turns out that was the beginning of a friendship that I can only hope will last a lifetime.

*Side Note: Turns out that Joe is just as talkative as any of us Seymours, and the other thing...he wildly reminds us of my brother, Dan. His mannerisms, his long winded story telling, he's left handed, and has only a little less hair.*

Coming here has turned into the best choices we've made since going on the road. Granted we have been here awhile, so getting to know the long term campers isn't hard, but it's also easy to stay in your own little bubble if you choose to. We are a little bit of both, but when Joe came wheeling over to our site the other day and said that he and Lori were going to get married at the lodge, and wanted us there, it was one of the coolest moments ever. I mean seriously, who saw that coming? Not us.

So wedding day arrived, and it was small, sweet and special. After an emotional ceremony (where Joe was the first to tear up- also like Dan), the attendees gathered at a restaurant where we enjoyed more music by Ken (another camper here), had food, drinks, cake and laughter. I especially enjoyed the part when they shared the story of how they met and their first date.

*Another Side Note: Picture yourself meandering around a campground and along the walk you begin to hear the strum of a guitar and the sound of singing. It was a beautiful sunny day and that's how we met Ken. At some point we are going to get out Mike's dad's guitar and let Ken have a go on it - looking forward to hearing the sounds of that guitar again.*

It was there that I began to find my mojo. Sitting at a wedding and reception for people we've only known for 2 months. If you ever wonder why we are living this lifestyle, just remember this story. I can't imagine another lifestyle that gives so much and asks for so little.

Thank you, Joe and Lori, for including us in your special day, for all the help you have given us during our stay here, for sharing your friends with us, but mostly thank you for being you. The world is a better place with you in it.

Bear in mind now, that the upcoming posts will be about some of our adventures before the wedding, including a visit from our friends, Peggy and Stewart, so don't get confused. We won't be leaving here until March, and then we are slowly making our way to our summer spot in Montana, but more on that later. Until then....

Be Well, Be Happy and Safe Travels

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Thanks guys back on track, love the looks of Florida, i see Stella is still walk around, she looks like she has put on weight. Looking like your Ma Kris. Love u both. Ma M.

Replying to

Stella has become a kitty treat addict, so she has put on weight. Yes, I have become my mother's doppelganger! Thanks for keeping tabs on us!❤️ We love you too!😘

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