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How are you?- Where are you?- WHEN are you?

About that title... a friend of ours asked those questions just recently and, I thought it would be perfect for this particular post and after you read about the last few weeks we've had you will think so too.

I hope you enjoyed our post from Montana. It's now time to get you back up to speed as to our adventures and current plan. When I say "plan", I am using that word wildly loosely. As you all know, more than once since we purchased our home on wheels, we've had to alter said plans according to what ever life happened to throw our way.

In the last post, I mentioned a proud Grams moment coming, and while I am still a proud Grams, we didn't manage to get to our intended destination. We had grand plans to go see my Grandson, Ethen, graduate from basic training in SC. In order to do that without screwing over our boss in Montana, we only asked to be released 1 week early, which she ever so kindly agreed to, especially since we had arrived 1 week early.

And so began our epic trek. The goal: Get to Fort Jackson, SC in 7 days. The problem was that in order to make that happen, we had to travel anywhere between 6-8 hours each day. It may not sound like alot to you, but when you are traveling in a motorhome, it makes for a really long day.

In an attempt at making a long story short, I'll just paste the email I sent to Rick and Barb when the decision was finally made to abort the mission:

Greetings to 2 of our favorite people!

In an attempt to make a mad run to SC to see my grandson graduate basic training, things have gone sideways!

Between a potential hurricane, lack of communication, and an infringement on our right to privacy, it seems as though our mission will fail.

We still want to get to SC to see Roger and Trudy, but it looks like we'll have a couple of days to kill... can you see where I'm going with this?😉

I know it's last minute, and by all means, say no if you want to, no hard feelings (promise), but how would you like some company just for a couple of days. Sept 10th - 13th?

Yeah, our life is a fluid

Thankfully, they were available and welcomed us with open arms. By the time we got to Rick and Barb's we were absolutely spent. In every way possible. Physically, Emotionally and Mentally. We had traveled just over 1,700 miles in 5 days, not stopping for more than one night. As it turns out we are apparently at an age (or physical ability) where going at that pace is just too much. It was time for a hard re-set! There's no better place to make that happen than at The Grand Estate in Piedmont, MO. And who better to be with than family?

As you all know, our visits to Piedmont includes a menu that is not to be beaten, and this impromptu visit was no exception. Each time we visit Rick sets about setting a menu for our stay. I find this such a kind and fun thing. It's also very handy when he sends me the menu and I get to share it with you all. So here goes.

1 & 2 Moussaka, 3- Jackfruit and Rum cocktail, 4 & 5-Pasta with Spanish Mackerel and Cherry Tomato Sauce, , 6- Bruschetta, 7- Missouri Mennonite Squash Soup, 8- Venison Hash with Duck Egg, 9- Salmon, Venison Summer Sausage, and mixed cheese "board"

This next 4 picture set is; Grilled Bacon-Wrapped Butternut and Brussels Sprout Skewers, Yorkshire Pudding, Boar Shanks Braised with Sweet Soy and Star Anise.

Vietnamese Black Bear Paté Chaud in puff pastry, Buttermilk Cathead Biscuit with Blueberry Sauce, German Fish Meatballs with Green Sauce, Squash Casserole with Roasted potatoes and beets.

So yeah, that happened. As always, when we left (after extending our stay by 2 days), our wells were full again. We pulled off a mind, body and soul re-set. We are always better when we leave there, than when we arrive. And as ever, already looking forward to our next visit.


The amended plan was to continue on to Summterton, SC. We wanted to visit Roger and Trudy again. Our first stop, Blessed Bounty Orchard in Jackson, TN. This is a Harvest Host location, with FHU and a mini farm stand. Next came Tsali Notch Vineyard in Madisonville, TN. We also found this one through Harvest Host. Really delicious wines and a lovely location. It was here that I realized the error of my ways. Actually, I had an idiot attack! I schedule our last hop to SC to be a 6 hour run. For real, after all the runs we made from Montana that nearly killed us, I did this? Duh! But because, as stated earlier, our life is a fluid situation, we adjusted...again.

The end goal was to get to Biloxi for the month of October. We had one important stop before that, and that was Ellaville, GA; home to the best that Harvest Host has to offer. But more about them in another post.

So as it turns out, we were not meant to get SC at all, but we did make it to Biloxi and our dear friends Tiny and Asher though. We never regret our visits to Biloxi, and at this point I can't imagine not making this a stop every year.

We traveled almost 3,000 miles to get here and there are so many more stories I want to share, but I'll get to that in the future. We are going to be wintering in Laurel, MS and we are really looking forward to it. I'm sure there are many memories and adventures ahead of us- hopefully some may include some visits from a friend or two (Larissa G? Judy G? ---here's hoping). And since we'll be there for awhile, we'll have time to catch you up on 3,000 miles of America, including, but not limited our visit to Custer's Last Stand - (a most humbling experience).....

Until then, Be Well, Be Happy and Safe Travels

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Stewart McGuire
Stewart McGuire
Oct 25, 2023

Wow! Sounds a bit like our trek down from Maine! Left Maine on Sunday, October 8th, traveled 3 days straight with 5-6 hour days each to reach our first stop in West Virginia. In the meantime, we both got COVID from our neice's wedding on the 7th so we were miserable! At the end of the week, we were getting ready to pack up and discovered that we had sheared of one of the wet bolts holding our leaf spring onto the frame of our fifth wheel! I fortunately found a replacement bolt (not greasable though) in a local Napa store and with the help of a neighbor camper we got it in place well enough to travel gent…

Replying to

I think we can honestly say that full-time RV living is anything but boring. It's really fortunate that you caught that before getting on the road. Knoxville will be a great place to re-boot and recover from the latest shinanegans. I would also recommend O'Reilly's Auto for assistance. They have never let us down. Safe travels friend!

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