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Music, Memories and Middle Age....

Although this selfie was taken outside, it's how I often look while writing our stories; Glasses at the edge of my nose or simply lying on whatever surface I happen to be sitting at, or some variation of both. You must be thinking- Why the hell is she subjecting us to this God-awful closeup, and where her glasses are? The answer is - because I can, because I'm that age now. The age where the questions are - Where are my glasses?- Where did that ache come from? - Where is my phone? - And my personal favorite when, having lost my train of thought - What the hell was I doing? That's my age and I am embracing it to the best of my ability, so just go with it.

With all of the above being said, I am also at the age when I realize I'm living a moment I had hoped for. When we set out on this grand adventure, I had pictured times around a campfire with strangers that become friends, listening to someone play guitar, while the crowd visits and enjoys the day. And that day happened. (And is a standing routine every Wednesday now).

These next photos though, are near and dear to my heart as well. It's because the guitar that is being playing once belonged to man named Ray. For those not in the know, that's Mike's dad. He didn't get to see us set off on this adventure, but we are pretty confident that he would be pleased. Anyway, Mike got it down, Ken played it, and since then Mike has been taking lessons. It makes my heart happy.

While living in the moment with new friends, let us not forget the older (no pun intended) friends. First, I give you the "new" old friends. You've met them before. We spent time with them in Sioux Falls, and then we were on our way. Having given our itinerary to Peggy, her and Stuart made a 2 week stop here in Mayo. We enjoyed dinners with them, a road trip to a Valdosta Brewery and straight up laughs. Not sure when we'll see them again, but I'll be looking forward to it.

Remember when our stay in Punta Gorda was diverted because of Hurricane Ian? Well not to be deterred, we rented a car and headed south for a long weekend. It had been such a long time since we had been able to spend any real time together, we were glad that Florida had winter when we arrived at Heidi and Peter's. Her daughter Taryn came, and it was so great to see them all and just eat, drink and be merry- also build a desk and meet half of her neighbors. As ever....Heidi has people.... Really, really good people.

These next 2 are from a weekend where we met these 3 lovely ladies. Elaine, Tracy and Nancy. Tracy (the one in the blue jacket) was super excited when, the next morning, I served her coffee in one of our German Gluewhein cups. Especially since the year on the cup, was the year she was in Frankfort as well. The words "Small world" come to mind. They were super fun, well-traveled women, and we truly enjoyed our visit with them.

And now, from the "Better late, than never" files: I give you Christmas at the Campground! The last 2 photos include gifts from "The Gang" from the Valley. Much love!

I think I've finally gotten you all up to date, and if I haven' wouldn't know Yes, I'm Baaaaack! It's felt really good to connect with y'all, and I'm thinking about writing about our adventures in Europe, but we'll see. We've got a lot of stops along our way to Montana and we are looking forward to each and every one of them.

In the Meantime....Be Well, Be Happy, and Safe Travels!

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