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Redneck And Wonderful

Welcome to Suwanee River Rendezvous ! When I say "Wonderfully Redneck", I mean it in the best of ways. Seriously, when the mascot of your campground is a female pot-bellied pig named, Charlie, it's really not a stretch to say it's "Redneck".... But wait! There's More! The following is just epic.

I give you Redneck Bowling, and Pool Tables that you use with your feet!

Now if you are ready for more.... We also have Pigeon Races every Saturday! Each pigeon costs $5 and then, you get to catch a pigeon, or if you are a big "Sally", like me, have someone else catch one for you. They all have a numbered chip attached to their leg and when everyone is ready, they go into The Pigeon Limo and driven anywhere from 2.5 to 5 miles (no one was really clear on the, and then released. The first 3 pigeons back pay out, as does the one that comes in last.

Loading the Limo

Off They Go!

Here they come!

Some of them get back before the limo does. But just because they are back, it doesn't mean they go back in immediately. They have to go back into the coop to count as being back. Sitting on the roof doesn't count. The chip is triggered when they go through the fence.

In case you are wondering, No! We didn't win. Mine came in 8th and Mike's came in 13th out of 16. Just another reason why we don't

Other activities at this campground include; At the Lodge is Bingo every Friday, Show me the Money every Monday, and each month has different events going on at the Pavilion. Below are just a few events from December.

Also available at the Pavilion are Cornhole boards, and Giant Jenga, which we took full advantage of when it was dark out. With Food Network playing in the background, Mike and I enjoyed a few evenings in December at the Pavilion.

There are also a bunch of ducks down by the pond. I swear, every time we walk by they sound like they are bitching at each other. It's really quite entertaining. There's a giant bird house hotel. So many birds, that sometimes you feel like you are in an Alfred Hitchcock movie. And Friday - Sunday each week Grandma Susie's Cookin' Shack is serving up some delicious food. And the views from the riverbank and around the park are hard to beat. The photo with the dates on the tree are the high water levels during different years.

So, do you get it now? This place may be Redneck -not in a 'Deliverance' sort of way- but in the most wonderful way ever! These are but a few things that are so great about this place, wait til I tell you more about the people - I know you've seen Joe and Lori's wedding, but there is so much more to share. I'm already writing in my head as I finish this post....

Until then.....Be Well, Be Happy and Safe Travels

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