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Riddle me this...

There is one question that we get asked alot. Can you guess it? I won't leave you hanging, the question is; Where are you from?

You might be surprised but the answer isn't as simple as you may think. We always start out with, "well, we started this journey in NH", but now that we have become residence of the lovely state of South Dakota, the answer is much more complicated. When I say "complicated", I mean it in the very best of ways.

Let me begin by saying that although our address is in Box Elder, our hearts - thus far- belong to Sioux Falls. What follows will hopefully explain just how and why we fell in love with this perfect "big town/little city", and will perhaps inspire you to visit. If it doesn't, than seriously one of us is doing it wrong, and it's probably me....

We walked this a fair amount, and at the end of this loop is a brewery, it's called Severance. The short story about it is, there were 2 guys that got sick of corporate life, retired, and with their "severance pay" they started a brewery. Brilliant, right? The beer is great, the views are spectacular, and it's the perfect place to end the walk- you know - like treating yourself after exercising. But wait there's more. After that we would walk back to the car, which coincidentally, was usually parked next another brewery called; Remedy. Which was located directly across from a winery. I know, right? The possibilities are many and we didn't find a venue we didn't like.

For food and/or libations - aside from the ones already mentioned - there are the following, just to name a few; The Blarney Stone Irish Pub, Wood Grain Brewery, Fernson Brewery, The Crooked Pint, Crave, The Falls Grill, JL Beers, The Fryin Pan (a chain, but served a really great breakfast).

For entertainment, (most of the, The Zoo, The Memorial to the USS South Dakota, The Terrace Park Japanese Garden, The Fairgrounds (which is where we were camped and where they hold all sorts of events), The Courthouse Museum, The Petigrew House (No, it has nothing to do with Harry Potter), The Art Walk, Thunder Road (Mini Golf, go-carts, etc) The Escape Room (We did that with our friends Peggy and Stewart - thanks bunches for planning that my friends), but my favorite afternoon was spent at a The Sioux Falls State Theater. It reminded us of the Colonial Theater in downtown Keene, only better. They have reclining seats, serve wine and beer, the best staff ever, and more importantly, the show OLD movies! We went and saw Ferris Bueller's Day Off. What a great Day!

There was also "Rib Day" with our friends Peggy and Stewart. Now that was another great day. This was Mike's first ribs on Smokey Joe. The wind was rippn' and let's just say, it was a challenge. As usual Mike was up for the task.

Now I realize that I have not given Sioux Falls the justice it deserves, and that this beautiful city has even more to offer. I intend to explore it even more with every visit. Below I've added a bunch of pictures that Mike took, please do enjoy.

This event is the annual Trucker's Convoy to support the Special Olympics. We spent the evening talking to a bunch of great people in the trucking industry and admired the trucks in which they drive and mostly live. Most importantly, we said "Thank you", something we should all be saying to every one of them.

These next photos are from The Memorial of the U.S.S. South Dakota. It's really something to see, and the history of it's namesake is truly incredible. Even Stella enjoyed walking around the grounds.

I told you about the Art Walk and here are just a few of the ones we came across. There are so many more. These ones are on or around Phillips Ave. They are ever changing, and that makes it even more special.

See? Isn't it a great place? I mean why wouldn't you want to go there? I truly can't wait to get back, not only to Sioux Falls, but South Dakota itself. And there in lies the riddle - Remember the question at the beginning of this blog? "Where are you from"?

I think I can finally answer it. We are from New Hampshire, our hearts (and residence) are in South Dakota, but our love and lives reside wherever we and "Our Someday" are.

Coming up in our next episode: We ate like Kings....

The journey to and the visit at Rick and Barb's (Mike's sister). Stay tuned...

Until then, be well, be happy and safe travels....

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2 comentarios

Good blog, love all the pics, looks like your still having fun, you guys look rested and like you have lost weigh and got tans. Love the picture of Stella, how is she doing on the deal. Love to you both Ma M.

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Contestando a

Hey Ma. We have moments of relaxation, but this lifestyle is more work than you may think. I wouldn't change a thing tho. We are loving life!

Me gusta
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