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Storms, State Parks and a Run to Safety

As I write this we are in Mountain Home, Arkansas at a State Park called Bidwell Point Park. There is a storm brewing outside, not a really bad one, instead it's just a good ole fashion thunder-boomer. Now, as the title suggests, we have been through a fair few storms in the last month. Let's start with the first one.

Piney Grove Campground

This park is located on Bay Springs Lake near Dennis, Mississippi. It is truly a beautiful park and one we would gladly visit again, just not during tornado season. Yes, you heard that right, we have been trying to navigate our way through tornado alley for the last month. While at Piney Grove, our neighbors were super cool, and have been camping forever, we shared stories, books and love of state parks. The one really bad bit, was when the first of many tornado storms came screaming across Mississippi and connecting states. We were only about 50 miles from the one that wiped out the town of Rolling Fork. During that storm alot of people went seeking shelter in the restrooms with their dogs. Since Stella was already wildly freaked out we opted for the 3 musketeers approach; All for One, and One for All. Even tho this wasn't our first encounter with tornadoes, and close calls, this one was by far, the scariest. So to distract ourselves from the storm, we watched Bruce Willis' Die Harder...not sure what we were thinking there, but hey, I'm here writing about it, so I'll call it a win.

It's at this point where I have to admit that we dropped the ball. We were originally headed west to Tichnor, Arkansas. But then came a text from our very dear friend, Stacey. She asked "Where are you"? Bear in mind, it's a question she asks frequently, for which we are super grateful. So I told her how we just missed the tornadoes in Mississippi. At which point she sent me a picture of the coming storm, this is the where we said "South it is", and that's where the 'Run to Safety' comes in. We decided to head back to Vidalia, Louisiana to Riverview RV Park. It was like seeking shelter with a friend. We visited our favorite haunts, took Stella on walks, and I got my haircut. Meanwhile the north was getting hit with it's 2nd and 3rd tornado storms. So again, Thanks bunches, Stacey!

While our detour back to a familiar place was actually a nice change, it was time to get back on track. So it was time to head north, and keep our fingers crossed that the weather would be on our side.

Merrisach Lake

The next state park located in Tichnor, Arkansas was our first overnight stay in Arkansas. Another truly beautiful location. There's fishing, hiking, biking and tug boats. We also spent alot of time by the fire reading multiple books. Not to mention, some of the most beautiful sunsets ever! What more do you need? Like I said, State Parks are becoming a favorite destination for us.

At this point we are trying to get back on schedule, so for 2 of our "jumps" we spent over 4 hours on the road. This breaks our fast and loose rules that we live by. Travel day is long no matter how long we spend actually traveling. Travel days always involve stopping for gas, then at some point supplies, and the fact that Stella hates it really influences how long we are on the road. -Like I said, All for One, and One for All. We normally spend no more than 3 hours on the road, but hey there's 'Mother Nature', and she out-ranks us all, so we adjust accordingly.

This brings us to where we are now...Bidwell Point Park.

As I have been writing this and we have been monitoring weather, and trying to keep Stella from becoming unhinged, the storm has past. The air is clean, clear and cool. Mother Nature even treated us to a double rainbow.

We leave here tomorrow for Piedmont, MO. And if you are a frequent flyer to this blog, you know that Piedmont is "Under The Dome". So you won't be hearing from us for awhile, so in the meantime....

Be Well, Be Happy and Safe Travels

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