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They came, they saw, they ate, and they were the last ones....

If I didn't tell you before the closing on our house isn't until June 30th. And while much needs to be done before then, the most important part of our exit has been our last visitors. Special guests indeed.

Mike's sister Barbara and her husband Rick (an avid hunter) decided long before we sold the house to take a road trip and visit a few relatives, and thankfully we were one of them.

They too, have a love of new places, different foods, wines and so on, that we do. We have spent the last week giving them the tour of our favorite local places and regaling them with tales of past adventures and truly enjoying time spent with family.

It's been quite sometime since Barb has wandered the streets of her hometown and just watching her and Mike talk about their childhood and how much things changed, but also stayed the same, has been a real treat.

In an added bonus, Rick ever the chef and foodie mentor, gave me a lesson on convection cooking. Now this may sound lame to some, but our RV has a combo microwave/convection oven. I have never used such a creature, and this is clearly something that I need to get a handle on.

It was so cool to be able to share the first dish prepared in our RV with these two very special people. What was it you ask? Roasted Goose! And yes, it was fantastic! The story behind why we cooked it in the RV instead of the house is another story, for another stay tuned.

They will be our last guests here on Valley St and looking back on all the friends and family that have spent time here, there couldn't be a better ending. So with a full belly and a happy heart, we will bid them farewell this weekend knowing the next visit will be (God willing), sooner, rather than later.

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